The War Room – April 2014

The War Room’s changed quite a bit since last time. Let’s check it out!

2014-04-20 12.58.47We’ll start with the storage area up top. Little has changed. I’ve found a more permanent spot for the Rasbpberry Pi, and the two sets of polyurethane cat ears I used to store up here have both been sold, so they’re not there anymore. Also got a couple more paints.

2014-04-20 12.59.15The game shelf hasn’t changed at all.

2014-04-20 12.59.35The anime shelf has, with the addition of both of the Strike Witches BD/DVD combo packs, Upotte!!, and Saya no Uta.

2014-04-20 13.05.25I rearranged a lot of my figures, which resulted in me having a lot more space on the top of the bookshelf. Specifically, all the big Strike Witches figures were moved…

2014-04-20 13.01.24…And this is where they moved to. In addition, there’s also my newest Gundam model at the far left.

2014-04-20 13.02.05A custom-colored Kampfer Amazing (I call it the Kampfer Anubis) now resides where the Dra-C used to be. With its wealth of weapon hardpoints, it’s also somewhat of a holding repository for extra weapons from other models. You can see the Dra-C’s gatling gun behind its right shoulder. I also mounted the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam’s bazooka to the hardpoint on its lower back.

2014-04-20 13.02.36Speaking of Gundam models, all these boxes were taking up too much space in the closet, so I took them out of there and stacked them by my desk. Most of these still have extra hands and whatnot that I never took off of the runner, so I still need to go through them and see what I need to save. Also, I moved my Gelgoog Marine to stand guard on top.

2014-04-20 13.09.59Reki, new from Anime Boston, helps Rei to guard my airsoft pistol.

2014-04-20 13.40.01This area’s changed quite a bit. I replaced the Europe map with a Code Geass poster and a Rei Ayanami poster, and the Asuka bedsheet has moved here, as well.

2014-04-20 13.40.11Further down the wall to the left, nothing has changed apart from the JAM Project paper fan up top.

2014-04-20 13.11.04At the very bottom of my closet, I keep my assortment of flightsticks.

2014-04-20 13.07.19The game consoles and MIRA (The PC tower) stay underneath the desk. The Xbox has also moved to the gap between the desk and the bookcase, so I don’t have to lower the lid of the laptop to switch out games or harddrives. Other consoles include my doo-doo 1st-gen PS2 and my infinitely more reliable Sega Saturn and Dreamcast (Though the Saturn needs a new internal memory battery).

2014-04-20 13.05.36Here’s where those Strike Witches posters ended up.

2014-04-20 13.05.08The biggest change to the War Room since last time: The wall-mounted TV. A lot of shifts were made to accommodate this thing, but everything came out infinitely better because of it. I’ve got a ton more desk space and the entire setup just generally looks cleaner. The Dra-C is stationed here now, and the Raspberry Pi now stays toward the rear of the desk. The old laptop monitor TV is now the new gaming TV.

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