4 thoughts on “Operation Dandere Phase Five”

  1. This was very nice to listen to. I thought your perspective was quite interesting, and you were very well spoken too. Also, the thing about seiyuu’s did open my mind a bit more. I don’t really pay much attention to seiyuu’s because I don’t think I’m at the level in Japanese, where I can truly appreciate their acting, but if I ever do become more skilled, I’ll definitely pay more attention to it. Also, thank you for your comments about the lolicon post on my blog!

    1. Thanks. Though I was sort of worried given that I kind of stuttered on some parts. But I’m glad you liked it.

      As for the seiyuu-related topic, I kind of had to bring it up due to the rather negative image that has been associated with them at times (thanks to sites like SanCom and 2chan.) I’m not really one of those guys who watches a show based on whose favorite seiyuu are in it. Yet, at the same time, it’s not so much of a language related issue as much as it being part of the history of how an anime is made. I do like to take interest in the background information on how it’s made.

      No problem. Your article is well written and holds a lot of relevance to the whole lolicon issue.

  2. Yes, I pretty much agree with ChuuniJof127’s opinions on what he said about seiyuu and otaku.

    Alought one thing I need to specify, there’s 2chan (aka Futaba where 4chan was derived from) and the text based 2ch which is HUGE and usually the source of negativity within otaku culture.

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