Hyperion Rising – An X3: Terran Conflict AAR – Part 1

Back in the day, my friends and I had a habit of playing videogames and adapting them to our own stories. Taking the constraints and emergence of a more freeform game and using it to tell a story outside of it was a pasttime that I still, to an extent, indulge in.

So, in line with that, I’m trying something new. Hyperion Rising is the story of two traders, pilot/navigator Serenè Hayes and analyst Selcie Lee Cirno, as they build a corporate space empire.

Start Report

Ships: 2
Credits: 9650

x3screen00001SereneHere we are in Herron’s Nebula, nothing but a little freighter, a scout ship with no guns, and nine-thousand-something credits to our name. Time to go out and make some money!


x3screen00002SelcieWe start by travelling through the South gate to Argon Prime, then through the West gate there.



x3screen00004SereneHere’s where we need to be. Ringo Moon! It’s mostly a food production sector, with lots of cattle ranch stations and meatsteak bakeries.


x3screen00005SelcieThe most basic way to make money is buying goods at one station for a low price, and selling them at another for a higher price.


SereneCertain goods are used by certain stations. Like, if we bought beef at a cattle ranch, we could only really sell it at a meatsteak bakery, ’cause they’re the only ones that use it.


SelcieThe market is a bit of a toss-up right now. We’re not fully-equipped, so we can’t tell how much a station is selling or buying for until we dock with it.


SereneIt’s a real pain!



SelcieWe can, however, tell how much product they have and, generally, the more product a station has, the less they sell it for.


SereneSo, look for the bakeries with a lot of meatsteaks in stock. Gotcha!



SelcieOnce we’ve bought as much as we can, head to the trading station. They always have their prices set at the median, so we can make a profit if we buy below that.


SereneAt this rate, we’ll be rich in no time!



SelcieOr at least have enough money to upgrade this crappy freighter…



x3screen00007SereneWhere to next?



SelcieThe TerraCorp headquarters in Home of Light. They sell the upgrade we need to operate more efficiently.



SereneWhich one’s that?



SelcieThe Trading System Extension. It lets us see a station’s prices before we dock. Also lets us buy and sell remotely, as long as we have a ship docked with the station.






x3screen00008SelcieThis is what we’re looking for.



SereneWow, almost nine-thousand credits? I can see why we had to sell all those meatsteaks…



SelcieIt’ll make us a lot more effective at trading, so it’s worth it. Anyway, what were you about to tell me? Something about a rumored ship out in space?


SereneYeah, I overheard someone on the station talking about an abandoned ship out in Boron space. It’s not too too far, and if we can find the ship, it’s ours.


SelcieIf we end up wasting our time, it’s on you.



SereneTrust me~




x3screen00012SereneSee, we’re already at Kingdom End. That didn’t take that long, now did it?



SelcieNo, but we still have three sectors to go before we reach your ghost ship.



SereneWe’ll be there in no time!



x3screen00013SereneUgh, I hate sectors like this. The nebula clouds are so thick, I can’t tell where the gates are until they show up on the scanner.


SelcieUh, you’d better find that gate quick. I think I see pirates.



SereneYou worry too much. Look, the Boron military has them on the run. We’re safe as long as we don’t fly straight into the battle.


x3screen00014SereneFound it! And you thought it was a wild goose chase. Guess we know who’s right and who’s wrong now, duhuhu~


SelcieGuess who gets to put on a spacesuit and go claim it~



SereneWait, what?!



SelcieWhat, you thought I was gonna do it? Besides, this whole thing was your idea in the first place.






x3screen00015SelcieA Toucan, huh? Teladi personnel transport. Not a bad find out here. Seriously needs some upgrades, though.



SereneSo, we take it back to Argon space and get it some.



SelcieMight be best just to leave it here for now. Let’s get in the scout ship. Leave our freighter and the Toucan here. We should be able to get back to Argon space if we head south. Once we’re there, we just recall both ships to an equipment dock.


x3screen00016SereneIt’s cramped in here… I like the freighter better…



SelcieWe’ll be fine. It’s just until we get back to Argon Prime.



SereneThe scanner on this thing needs upgrading. I don’t want to have to search for the gate again.



SelcieMight as well install as many upgrades as we can now.



x3screen00017SelcieSee? We’re here already.



SereneProbably should’ve just went that way in the first place…



SelcieMaybe I should be navigator, too.



SereneYeah, just take my job, why don’cha? Maybe you should fly the ship, too.



SelcieNononono…. Let’s not get hasty, now… L-let’s just land at the equipment dock and recall the new ships.



End Report

Ships: 3
Credits: 784