Announcing: NYAAN – The Magazine

This is something I’ve wanted to pull the trigger on for a long time. We’ve mentioned it a couple times on NTR Radio, but only recently has any progress been made, and the project is progressing quite quickly, so I’m happy to be able to finally put this out there.

I’m proud to officially announce NYAAN – The Magazine: Not Your Average Anime Nerds.

NYAAN is a physical/digital fan-magazine focusing on anime and otaku culture. Currently, it’ll be an annual magazine, though it might become semi-annual or quarterly in the future. I’ve got some writers and artists lined up (And I’m still looking for more! Shoot me an email or get at me on Twitter or Skype) for the first issue, and have been working on the layout for the past couple months.

My goal with NYAAN – The Magazine is to expose more people to the incredibly talented people in the anime fandom. The fandom has so many talented writers, artists, cosplayers, photographers, etc., with so many various perspectives, and one of my favorite pastimes is consuming the media created by other fans.

NYAAN is a celebration of our fandom. It’s a celebration of the people who love anime and otaku culture enough to bring their talent in and create things.

So, why a magazine? To be honest, I kind of like “old media,” at least as far as reading material is concerned. I still read newspapers, for example. I like the tactile feeling of a physical piece of reading material in my hands, and I know I’m not the only one. In addition, so much of the fan-created media I want to showcase exists almost exclusively in the digital space. It’d be nice to see some of it published in a physical form.

I’m excited, to say the least. I’ve been working on this excitedly for the past couple months and every milestone brings even more excitement.

Get hype for NYAAN!

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