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Anime Review – He Is My Master; Sentai Filmworks Release

Ahh, the maid. A staple of otaku culture, representing grace and femininity, purity and devotion, maids are special. They’re not really an archetype, per se. It’s not really a genre, either. Maids are quite the versatile element.

Negativity – How It Got Here; Why It’s Dead

Negativity in the anime fandom is on its way out. People are getting tired of it, and rightfully so, but how exactly did it get so pervasive in the first place? The factors contributing to negativity’s rise are part societal, part cultural, and part populist.

“We Don’t Have To Be Nerds”

A while ago, friend of the site VZMK2 directed me to a Youtube clip. We’ve referenced it in NTR Radio a few times. The clip is from an offline meeting of users from a particular forum, and the point of focus was on an interview with one user, who said: … Continue reading

She’s Joined the C³ Club! – Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

Sometimes an anime throws you for a loop, in a good way. There are those shows that you start watching expecting them to be a certain type of show that you’re excited to see, but that turn out to be something not only completely different, but better than what you … Continue reading

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