The Pitfalls of Politics in Criticism

I’m acquainted with several gamers and anime fans who’ve described themselves as “apolitical,” which I’ve taken to mean less that they don’t have an opinion on political issues, and more that they simply don’t wish to discuss politics. Honestly, I don’t blame them, especially when it comes to politics in the anime and games they consume.

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Twisted Love February: School Days

“Do you know about the ‘Cellphone Charm?’
If you keep a picture of the person you like on your cellphone for three weeks, and if nobody finds out, your love will be realized!”

School Days starts out like any other highschool romance comedy. We see the protagonist, Makoto Itou, his knuckleheaded friend, Taisuke Sawanaga, Kotonoha Katsura, the girl he admires from afar, and Sekai Saionji, the girl he’s just friends with.

After finding out that Makoto is into Kotonoha, Sekai takes it upon herself to get them together. She arranges a rooftop lunch between the three of them. There, we get the first real look at Kotonoha’s personality, juxtaposed with Sekai’s. Kotonoha’s very gentle and polite, compared to Sekai, who’s more informal. Kotonoha’s a much softer woman (Though her cooking is terrible!). More romance comedy hyjinks come into play, such as Makoto comically pretending to like Kotonoha’s (terrible) cooking, and subsequently almost choking on it.

The next day, Makoto confesses to Kotonoha. Convenient, since Kotonoha had actually admired Makoto from afar like he did her. She thanks Sekai for playing matchmaker. Later, Makoto also thanks Sekai, promising to pay her back.

She takes her payment on the spot…