Taskforce M.O.E.: A Negative Force?

Icon-MOEI’ve been accused in the past of being a negative element of the anime fandom, and that really baffles me, considering all the positive feedback I’ve gotten for Taskforce MOE, and all the personal “thank-you”s I’ve gotten from people who, through Taskforce MOE, I’ve helped to overcome their hang-ups about loving moé, especially considering that those hang-ups were caused by people committed to being derisive and hostile toward moé fans.

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Fandom Hate

Icon-AnimeIcon-GamingIcon-MOEFandom hate is something a lot of us are familiar with. While it almost always comes down to a sweeping generalization about an entire group of people based on the actions of a few who identify as part of that group, it happens quite often. As negativity continues to be called out, however, those who blindly attack fandoms are being taken to task.

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“We Don’t Have To Be Nerds”

A while ago, friend of the site VZMK2 directed me to a Youtube clip. We’ve referenced it in NTR Radio a few times. The clip is from an offline meeting of users from a particular forum, and the point of focus was on an interview with one user, who said:

“We don’t have to be nerds. We can actually sit here and talk about life, girls, football, y’know, whatever the stuff we’re into, and also talk about toys, naturally, but it’s laid-back…”

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