C3-bu – An Airsofter’s Perspective

While it didn’t do particularly well, Stella C3-bu really resonated with me. As an airsofter, its presentation of the sport and of Yuna’s character was particularly strong to me, and while it went largely unappreciated, it had a good story to tell and a good message to send.

This article will contain spoilers for Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division, Class C3. Hit the jump and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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After-Action Report: ANNCast

I was recently featured on an episode of ANNCast to have a one-on-one with Zac Bertschy about moé, moé culture, moé fans, and the Anti-Moé Brigade.

The most recent episode of NTR Radio features the postgame impressions on the ANNCast episode from me, VZMK2, and kgods.

Listen and download here.