Operation Shion Fujino Phase 3: Rin Kokonoe

Images included in this article may be explicit in nature.

In the discussion on moé and sex, certain characters tend to stand out as good case-studies on where moé and sexuality intersect and how they interact with each other. These characters range from those with slightly perverse tendencies to those with seductive streaks, all the way to full-on nymphomaniacs, and each one of these characters offers a chance to examine how moé and sex play together, as well as a chance to discuss appeal itself and the differences between various types of appeal.

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Operation Shion Fujino Phase One: Introduction

Images included in this article may be explicit in nature.

Sexuality is perhaps one of the most hotly-contested aspects of moé. Some say it’s normal. Some say it’s creepy. Some are quick to deny that it’s even a part of moé.

Regardless of where we stand individually on the issue, the fact is, if we’re going to have the moé conversation, all of us will have to deal with opinions we disagree with, have conversations we might be uncomfortable with, and question our own beliefs, as well as the beliefs of others.

Where does sex fit into moé? Does sex fit into moé? What about fetishization? Is sex a part of moé love, or are they separate? Operation Shion Fujino seeks not to definitively answer these questions, but to start the discussion that will answer them.

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Operation Dandere

Operation Dandere is go!

Operation Dandere is an effort to get people thinking and talking about moé in a way that goes past “Moe a piece of shit. You guys are retards for liking something so dumb” or “(Character) was so cute this episode!” It’s an effort to explore how people really feel about moé, the issues surrounding it, and how it affects the medium we all love so much.

Put simply, I want to talk about moé with people.

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Operation 21ST Phase Five: Moé As a Type of Appeal

This article is part 5 of a 5-part series on moé as it appears in anime community discourse.

At its broadest, moé represents a type of appeal. Whether through an aesthetic choice, a character’s personality traits and the tropes surrounding him/her, a bond created between the character and the viewer, or a combination of the three, moé is, at its most basic level, a type of appeal.

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