Operation Dandere Phase 1

Operation Dandere is go!

A few weeks ago I spoke with now newly-established anime blogger VillainousHanacha about his feelings on moé, its affect on the fandom, the moé debate as its progressed, and other related topics. It was a very enlightening discussion, and his perspective is pretty interesting.

You can listen to it after the jump.

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Operation Dandere

Operation Dandere is go!

Operation Dandere is an effort to get people thinking and talking about moé in a way that goes past “Moe a piece of shit. You guys are retards for liking something so dumb” or “(Character) was so cute this episode!” It’s an effort to explore how people really feel about moé, the issues surrounding it, and how it affects the medium we all love so much.

Put simply, I want to talk about moé with people.

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