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Are Moé Fans Privilged?

Looking back at the Free! situation, an easy question to ask is “Why were the same people who advocate unity and decry hostility in the anime fandom so quick to laugh at the moé fandom and revel in their anger when the show proper was announced?” That’s easy: Moé fans … Continue reading

Willful Ignorance and The Anti-Moé Brigade

Let any given moé debate go on long enough and eventually, it’ll end up at a point where someone mentions how “hard to define” moé is, despite the fact that it had still been a debate about moé up to that point and past it. Interestingly enough, this point is … Continue reading

Moé and Lolicon Revisited: “Why?”

Drawingirl94 recently posted a fantastic article on her blog. She articulated in a way I never could things I’ve been saying for a long time about the subject of lolicon. Reading it has given me a fresh perspective on the issue, and I want to revisit it, because I feel … Continue reading

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