Mission Statement

Taskforce M.O.E. Mission Statement

The origins of Taskforce M.O.E. were set in Seanver’s now-defunct Moe Coalition site, which was a collaborative blog about moé. A few posts on the blog managed to make waves, and it grew into a small community of its own accord. However, while I greatly enjoyed writing for The Moe Coalition, I felt that the Coalition in general wasn’t quite as militant as I had hoped, and as a result, didn’t form the kind of presence I was hoping it would.

After keeping the project somewhat secret for a month or so, Taskforce M.O.E. was born.

Taskforce M.O.E.’s mission is twofold. Taskforce M.O.E. endeavours to pick up where The Moé Coalition left off, becoming a pro-moé presence in the face of all the hate from all sides. We proudly declare our love for moé and our desire to see its continued use in anime.

Taskforce M.O.E. also stands as a challenge to the Anti-Moé Brigade. Much of the moé fandom is quite content with simply enjoying their anime without feeling a need to justify it or defend it against those who want it destroyed, and, while I commend them for taking the “high road” so-to-speak, it has served as an invitation for the Anti-Moé Brigade to spread their hate, both of moé itself and of moé fans, unchecked. Taskforce M.O.E. challenges their dominance, testing whether they’re adamance against moé still stands when someone steps up to defend moé as militantly as they attack it.






About Our Mascot

Name: Lilium Graye
Age: 21
Occupation: Maid Cafe Employee
Hobbies: Anime, Visual novels, Airsoft
Favorite Anime: Hidamari Sketch, Upotte!!, School Days
Favorite Game: Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, ArmA 2, Metal Gear Solid 3

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