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Extension Manager

Admin Controls Various things to make admins' lives easier
Alias Editor Edit the alias list
BBCode Turns BBCode into HTML
Custom HTML Headers Allows admins to modify & set custom &lt;head&gt; content
Google Analytics Integrates Google Analytics tracking
Handle Pixel Handle JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc files
Image Comments Allow users to make comments on images
Image List Show a list of uploaded images
Image Viewer Allows users to see uploaded images
Mail System Provides an interface for sending and receiving mail.
QR Codes Shows a QR Code for downloading an image to cell phones.
Simple Wiki A simple wiki, for those who don't want the hugeness of mediawiki
Tag Categories Let tags be split into 'categories', like Danbooru's tagging
Tag Editor Allow images to have tags assigned to them
Tag List Show the tags in various ways
Uploader Allows people to upload files to the website
User Management Allows people to sign up to the website