OpsTaskforce MOE runs many varying kinds of operations with goals such as facilitating moé discussion, providing in-depth looks at moé and moé culture, celebrating the moé military aesthetic, and promoting cosplay. Some of these ops come in the form of written articles on the Taskforce MOE Blog, while others occur at conventions and other events.



OPDANDEREOperation Dandere

Operation Dandere seeks to get people thinking and talking about moé. It’s an attempt at starting a real moé dialogue.



Operation PLATINUM brings Taskforce MOE to the convention battlespace to give panels and lectures on moé and military cosplay.


Operation21STWriting Operations

In-depth, multi-part articles on subjects pertaining to moé, moé fandom, and the moé military aesthetic.


CombatOpsCombat Operations

Taskforce MOE airsoft combat operations keep the force’s combat skills sharp with lectures and presentations on tactics and equipment, and practical exercises in the field.

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