A Beginner’s Guide to Eff’d-Up Hentai (18+)

Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, “A Beginner’s Guide to Eff’d-Up Hentai” is a foray into the deepest, darkest depths of hentai anime and manga. There’s a whole lot of filth out there, and the She’s Lost Control Hentai team has plucked the best (worst?) of the bunch for a beginner’s guide so disgusting, you won’t want to see the advanced guide!

Shattered Skies: An Ace Combat Panel (WIP)

(An overview of the Ace Combat series of games and an examination of the world and story of the Ace Combat franchise)

Urban Combat Tactics for Cosplay

You’ve got the equipment, you’ve got the team, now it’s time to get the moves. Join She’s Lost Control’s Taskforce M.O.E. team for a lesson in close-quarter battle tactics to make your military cosplay the best it can be!

View the slides here.

Cute Girls and Assault Rifles, Moé Meets Military (WIP)

Mixing cute girls and military hardware has become a recent trend in anime, but just how much of it is actually out there? The Taskforce M.O.E. team has the answers!

Mo’ Moé Mo’ Problems: How Moé Has Affected the Anime World (WIP) (Working title)

(An examination of the history behind moé and how it’s affected anime)

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: The Best Game No One’s Played

Robots! Lasers! Missiles! A world controlled by corporations, where corporate soldiers fight false wars to give the illusion of normalcy! A planet-cracking cannon on the moon, giant crystalline warriors, and a conspiracy to control causality itself! It’s not Gundam. It’s not Macross. This is Cyber Troopers Virtual-On. GET READY! (WIP)

“The Amagami Challenge” or “How Dating Sims Helped Me Get a Girlfriend”

Assertion: At a basic level, dating sims exhibit realistic human social dynamics that can be extrapolated into real-life dating and relationships. (WIP)