Podcast Zero 12 – Kill la Zilla

A wild PCZ episode appears!

In this episode we talk our thoughts on the recent Aniplex live show, Godzilla, answer listener mail and so much more!


Editor’s note: I’m really sorry for the slow, scattered release schedule of these episodes. Real life stuff has gotten in the way of putting together these episodes to my vision and releasing them in a consistent, timely manner. I’m real sorry for that and I hope this show will get back on track! Look forward to the next episode!

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3 comments on “Podcast Zero 12 – Kill la Zilla

  1. lol, I kinda thought that the podcast somehow looped when kyubbey the third said his name the second time.
    Podcast zero is full of supervillains? D:
    Wait illuminati confirmed?

    Dat captain earth doesn’t sound fun to watch, like, at all. Maybe I’d watch it just to see how ridiculous it’d get….

    ah, as for western stuff, I can say that Steven universe feels like it has promise, but I can only say that I watched a few episodes
    I absolutely hated teen titans go, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love crack, but…it wasn’t what we needed.
    also, I agree with a few of ya about ending adventure time and regular show, they should end. I mean, adventure time was hit and miss at first, but wound up being more miss lately, and regular show stopped being consistently cool and more hit and miss.

    lol, dat cheapo comment and the whipsering, I can so see a bunch of silly fanimations of this podcast, heck, if I had enough motivation I’d do it lol.
    Actually, on that note, are you all considering putting some eps or highlights on YouTube (kinda like podtaku)? There’s alot of peeps on there and its alot easier to get traffic and peeps to try listening with that.

    “He was number one, and number two’
    Wait, that was from KND? I remember hearing it from the kirby right back at ya show. on that one episode where king Dedede monopolizes television or whatever and it was the scene where he was advertising DDD diapers

    /me still needs to watch Godzilla and Pacific Rim, so…*skips over*
    1:28:00 O_O wut? Um, what? that was hilarious, but…O_O

    Crap, I had another question, but ninjas attacked and I had to AFK for a while. Then I completely forgot what I was gonna ask. if I remember I’ll comment here again…

    • We used to put episode up on Youtube, but stopped when Episode 7 got auto-flagged for violating copyrights.

      I don’t think we have any plans of going back to Youtube at the moment.

      • Yeah, there are currently no plans to return to youtube as a platform. But never say never.
        That’s all I’ll say publicly on the matter

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