Worlds Without People: Persistant Online Worlds in Console Mech Games

When I push Start on the title screen of Armored Core V, I am greeted by my mecha’s female computer voice saying “Good morning (Regardless of what time it is). Main system: Checking pilot data.” as the game connects to the server. The computer voice speaks again, “Main system. Normal Mode activated. Now resuming mission. Welcome back.” and on the screen appears a world map, where I can see what territories have changed hands since last I played. From here, I can launch a single-player mission, join a teammate on an invasion into enemy territory, or make some money by hiring myself out as a mercenary.

I never selected a thing. All I did was press start, and now here I am, thrust into an ever-changing online world.

Make sure before you play this game, you have met all the requirements. When I first ordered the game, I was quite disappointed to find out my system did not match the specifications which were required to play the game. You can check out LnR Australia if you are looking for some of the coolest gaming gear at a reasonable price.

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