What Gamers Can Teach the Moe Fandom

GamerGate is seven months old. It’s been seven months since gamers have revolted against the gaming press, who have been vilifying “gaming culture” for years, insisting that “gamers” are sexist, misogynist, racist, cis-het white men who are afraid of sexual, racial, and gender minorities in the gaming industry. For three months, gamers have fought tooth […]

Games are NOT Your Soapbox

Gaming is kind of in turmoil right now. Between collusion and dishonesty in the gaming press, constant badgering and prodding by the both sides, and the mealy-mouthed haranguing of the anti-gamer crowd, this can certainly be called an upheaval. One of the core issues at work, however, is the attempt by “social justice”-obsessed individuals to […]

“Gamers” Aren’t Dead – A Response to “A Guide to Ending ‘Gamers'”

I didn’t want to write this. When I revived She’s Lost Control Gaming after it’s almost year-long silence, I wanted it to focus on the games, because I feel like too much time in the gaming media is spent talking about anything but the games. This, however, motivated me to respond. In response to the […]