Disgusting Fandom Hostility

It sickens me how some anime fans treat each other. Whether it’s moé fans hating on fujoshi, people childishly retaliating against moé fans on behalf of fujoshi, or just the general, everyday disdain for moé fans from the Western fanbase, we have the capacity to be remarkably hostile to one another, and it’s doing damage […]

Fandom Hate

Fandom hate is something a lot of us are familiar with. While it almost always comes down to a sweeping generalization about an entire group of people based on the actions of a few who identify as part of that group, it happens quite often. As negativity continues to be called out, however, those who […]

Two-Faced Anti-Moé Brigade Thinking

At the end of the day, we’re all anime fans. We’ve all got this one thing in common that we’ve formed a community around because it interests all of us. I think that’s amazing. It’s fantastic to have a community based around a common interest because that opens up infinite possibilities to share our personal […]

Fujoshi Are Not the Enemy; Hostility Is

Kyoto Animation recently announced Free!, which is the actual real anime of the commercial released a month ago. Like the commercial before it, the announcement caused quite an uproar in the anime community. Fans of all kinds are making varying levels of buzz about the news, but one group is conspicuously loud about it, and […]

Consumerism and the Anti-Moé Brigade

One thing that always struck me about the Anti-Moé Brigade is how they accuse the moé fandom of mindless consumerism. Moé fans will buy whatever “crap” the anime industry puts out, after all. I noticed something recently, however, and this flips the entire argument over onto its head in a way that’s a little bit […]

Check Your List at the Door

A big strike against moé that the Anti-Moé Brigade pulls out is the “checklist mentality” of moé fans. They posit that moé fans operate on a mental checklist, and evaluate the quality of shows based on whether or not a show satisfies a shopping list of tropes they find enjoyable. That, actual show quality notwithstanding, […]