The Anubis Perspective: Moe Moe, Part 6: Moe and Good Anime

This is an old post I originally wrote for the now-defunct Moé Coalition site. The site has since been taken down by the owner, but I’ve managed to salvage some of my posts. This is one of them.


Time Enforcer Anubis here, continuing the moe talk!

Not long ago (Author’s note: Quite long ago, at this point), ANNCast did a round-table discussion about moe, and a certain idea was brought up during the discussion. The idea was that moe is “dangerous” to anime in that it “enables bad storytelling.” It’s one of the big points of contention in the Great Moe Debate, with the Anti-Moe brigade clamoring for “deeper” anime, and pushing anything moe to the side, often judging it as bad anime, or worse anime than anime with no moe elements.

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Depth and a ‘shallow’ anime

Humanity is under siege from an unstoppable threat. Conventional weaponry doesn’t work against them, nor does diplomacy or surrender. In the midst of the conflict, a special weapon is developed. Usable only by specially-gifted young people, this new weapon is the only way to fight back against the powerful enemy threat. These youths now find themselves thrust into a military conflict as the last, best hope for humanity. Countering the enemy on all fronts, these heroic young people must band together and rely on each other to defeat the enemy, for the fate of the entire world rest on their shoulders.

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